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Omaha Chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Clark DC, improves your life through quality chiropractic care.  As a leading chiropractic clinic in Omaha NE, Clark Chiropractic strives to provide quality wellness and specialized services to all of its patients.  Let the team of chiropractic professionals at Clark Chiropractic in Omaha NE, heal your pain.
10011 Maple St.
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Dr. Jeffrey Clark is an Omaha chiropractor specializing in chronic pain management, automobile accident injuries, and workplace injuries at Clark Chiropractic Clinic: your local Omaha chiropractic practice. Dr. Clark's clinic is proud to be considered a superior Omaha chiropractic clinic in Nebraska — maintaining their impeccable standard of practice since 1981. Today, Dr. Clark continues to match that standard he established over two decades ago as a leading Omaha chiropractor. At Clark, patient care is second to none. Dr. Jeffrey Clark and his team — as your go-to Omaha chiropractic clinic — will take all appropriate measures to ensure patient satisfaction. And, as a skilled Omaha chiropractor, Dr. Clark is committed to doing everything within his power to personally guarantee his patients' comfort level before, during, and after each treatment. After all, their Omaha chiropractic practice was founded upon the basic belief that good chiropractic care, when combined with proper nutrition and an active, healthy lifestyle, will help their patients flourish outside the walls of their Omaha chiropractic office, as well.

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When you first visit Dr. Clark, Omaha Chiropractor (DC), he'll ask you a few preliminary questions. This informal interview is designed to determine, both for you and Dr. Clark, whether visiting an Omaha chiropractor will benefit your particular ailment and/or situation. You'll sit face to face with Dr. Clark, in his renowned Omaha chiropractic clinic, and go through a thorough case history and examination; during this initial process, Dr. Clark will evaluate your condition, and judge whether the natural healing of Omaha chiropractic adjustments can serve your particular needs. As always, there is no charge for your first consultation with Dr. Clark, your Omaha chiropractor — and, therefore, there is absolutely no commitment necessary on this, your first visit to his practice. Omaha Chiropractor Dr. Jeffrey Clark wants you to feel relaxed and comfortable while seeking chiropractic treatment under his care. Upon mutually agreeing to continue Omaha chiropractic treatment, Dr. Clark will then discuss a personalized plan to help you reach your goals in achieving a healthy, pain-free active lifestyle through subsequent visits with your Omaha chiropractor, Dr. Clark. After agreeing upon the game plan, you will begin your regular adjustments with Dr. Clark, your new Omaha chiropractor. So don't wait; let the healing begin!

Welcome From Dr. Clark
Dr. Jeffrey Clark, DC graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1981 and has continued to serve patients in the Omaha area, at the Clark Chiropractic Clinic, ever since. He is a member of the American Chiropractic Association, the Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association, and The Palmer Alumni Association. In addition, Dr. Clark serves on The Nebraska Workers Compensation Board, is certified to provide disability impairment ratings, and is a Diplomat of the International Scoliosis Research Center.
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"I have visited several Omaha chiropractor service providers over the years and have had more relief in a shorter period of time under Dr. Clark's Omaha chiropractic care, and he makes it fun getting well and staying well. He has helped me realize I have responsibilities myself, Thank you Dr. C!!."
- R.P.
"We started seeing Dr. Clark right when my husband and I moved to Omaha and searched for a Omaha chiropractor; he keeps me going not with just my back problem, but also with my two children. They have been getting adjustments at Dr. Clark's Omaha Chiropractic Center since they were newborns. My parents also get treated every time they come to visit and chiropractic has become a family affair!!"
- S.M.

As a top Omaha chiropractic clinic in Nebraska, we at Clark Chiropractic believe in natural healing — including Omaha chiropractic treatments, rehabilitation, therapy, and the balance of proper nutrition. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact us, your Omaha chiropractor, today at (402) 881-8746.